Why G2 Track?
Written by Taylor Seabaugh
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As your business grows, so does your Tech stack. Businesses are now using hundreds of SaaS tools and managing those tools has become quite a complex problem. It only gets worse as the organization scales. This is why G2 Track has become a critical tool to enable you to gain control of your Tech stack. It seamlessly connects data across multiple sources to give you a complete picture of your SaaS portfolio.

G2 Track serves as the clear source of truth on your SaaS by equipping you with software stack data on utilization, contracts, expenses, and more. It helps you to:

  • RIGHTSIZE your SaaS sprawl and spend, bolstering your company’s ability to grow and win sustainably

  • UNITE as a company with a software strategy that suits your unique needs, syncing data from accounting, financial & SSO systems

  • STREAMLINE software & vendor maintenance in one platform, so you spend less time trying to stay tactically organized and more time supporting the company’s strategic growth plan

  • ALLEVIATE the complexity and uncertainty that stems from a growing yet disconnected internal software suite

  • ENHANCE your ability to help your teammates use the right software to do their jobs correctly, improve the bottom line, and hit objectives

G2 Track delivers one place for IT, Finance, Procurement, and Business Operations teams to access data and align organizations -- by honing in on software spend, usage, and employee sentiment. Track consolidates the number of systems required to manage your company’s SaaS, so you can wrap your arms around your SaaS.

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