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Getting Started with G2 Track
Getting Started with G2 Track
Written by Taylor Seabaugh
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What can I do with G2 Track?

SaaS application ownership and usage are often fragmented across the organization. With the involvement of multiple stakeholders (IT & Compliance, Finance & accounting, Procurement, Department Leads, and of course the actual application users), it becomes challenging to collaborate and identify the right SaaS strategy. G2 Track provides a streamlined platform for all stakeholders to collaborate and manage these SaaS applications. G2 Track can help you with the following:

Stack Identification

G2 Track boasts a long list of integrations that range from single sign-on, financial, and direct integrations, making it easy to gather and organize data. It automatically recognizes products and services, creating a single source of truth for all things SaaS.

Spend Monitoring

Before G2 Track, knowing how much you spend on each individual product is like finding a needle in a haystack. Through our many financial integrations, G2 Track will identify & map exactly how much you spend across every product in your stack. Those spend insights can then be segmented across a variety of dimensions, giving a holistic view of costs across different teams, categories, etc. You are even able to identify all the opportunities to remove Spend due to overlapping product functionalities.

Monitor Utilization

With G2 Track, you get utilization visibility at the application and feature level. Track empowers you to monitor utilization via two different sources. Not only does it track App usage across all of your SSO enabled applications, it also directly integrates with popular high spend products like Zoom, Salesforce, and Microsoft. Direct integrations provide detailed insights all the way down to the feature level. Moreover, Track also shows how your organization’s SaaS utilization benchmarks against similar companies. These insights help you reharvest underused licenses and make informed renewal decisions.

Manage Contracts

Track helps you manage all your SaaS contracts and subscriptions in a centralized platform. Monitor renewal and termination dates, get proactive alerts with enough time to build a renewal strategy. G2 Track makes it easy to manage everything related to vendors, in one place. Moreover, you can leverage our Contracts Concierge service (available with Enterprise plan) to get all your contracts updated in G2 Track.

Discover Employee Sentiment

Avoid spending on SaaS that is unappreciated by employees. You can get on-demand employee feedback with Pulse Surveys. Measure a product’s NPS and criticality to identify products that should be decommissioned.

Security and Compliance

Decentralized software management can introduce security and compliance risks to an organization. Prepare for audits and security reviews by using G2 Track’s Compliance Hub, where you can manage and store all of your stack’s security and privacy data.

Departments and Budgets

Each department has its own unique SaaS requirements and often they have their own budget to manage. With G2 Track you can allocate SaaS Spend across your departments. enabling department leads to manage their own Tech stack and SaaS budget.

Streamline Software Requests

G2 Track’s App Catalog provides a central hub for approved tools and license requests. Showcase all available IT-approved tools to employees in an easily searchable platform. Approve and manage software license requests in real time, all in one place. With a single, 360° view of all available SaaS options, worry less about floating licenses and rogue software.

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